Stealing Money

October 15, 2013 6:24 am

Glenn Healy doesn’t like you nor does he care what you think of him:

Enjoy the 140 words.  If you don’t like them, tweet that to all your friends.  #dontwastemytime

Let’s kick off this week’s edition of Stealing Money with that quote from Healy’s 140 Words column. Once Pierre McGuire departed from TSN, the title of most despised member of hockey broadcasting transferred to Healy. I don’t know if Healy is trying to play the villain on purpose or if he just is the way he comes across every week on Hockey Night In Canada. Either way, I have yet to find someone who enjoys what he provides on air. As Healy said above, you – the viewer, the consumer and the individual who pays to keep the Canadian Broadcasting Company in business – don’t matter to him. If you have a problem with Healy’s article tell it to someone else. I think this clip explains Healy’s quote perfectly. In it, he is Bricktop from Snatch and the audience is represented by the person who confronts him:

In the same article, Healy feels it necessary to attack and criticize his colleagues:

Some of my colleagues may criticize me, but they don’t watch the games anymore. They just read the tweets about them.

Man, people must love working with him. Does Healy really think people paid to comment upon and analyze hockey don’t watch the games anymore? Want to see how Healy’s co-workers feel about being associated with him? Just watch Elliotte Friedman’s reaction to what Healy says here:

Must be difficult for Friedman to remain classy (or a candy striper as Healy says) every week alongside Glenn. All is not lost though, as Healy mentions in his first column for

This year, in 140 words, my role will be to attack hockey topics that are actually interesting.

That is in contrast to all the other topics people are attacking that are not interesting, right? Cool, thanks for that Glenn.

In his first 140 Words column in which he does discuss hockey topics (and not just how much better he is than everyone else) Healy says this:

The Toronto Maple Leafs have a 3-1-0 record. Playoff tickets are going to print. All seems great in Leafs Nation, but the truth is that Toronto hasn’t played very well at all.

However, I look at it as the glass being half full. The Leafs no longer have to play a perfect game to get a win.

Healy’s claim that with Jonathan Bernier in net this season the Leafs have been able to lay an egg, yet still walk away with two points is true. The fact that he adds in ‘no longer’ is hilarious. It might be wise for someone to remind Healy of the 2013 Leafs season which went exactly the same as the opening four games of the 2013-14 campaign did. The Leafs leaned heavily and (succeeded mainly) due to the strong play of goaltender James Reimer last year. If Healy thinks the Leafs needed to play a perfect game during the 2013 season in order to emerge victorious then he is horribly mistaken.

You know what’s funny? Healy worked the April 21st game in which the Leafs were outshot 50-22 by the Ottawa Senators, yet walked away with a 4-1 win. He was also between the benches on March 23rd as the Boston Bruins outshot Toronto 33-11 only to fall 3-2 to Reimer and the Leafs. The Leafs were outshot for the majority of the 2013 season and played a similar game to the one that they are currently playing in front of Bernier. This is neither an opinion or something that twitter told me. I watched the games and Healy worked them. Good thing he doesn’t have a twitter account because he’s obviously distracted enough during the games without it.

Healy is 100% right though, if you don’t like what he says don’t tell him. Oppositely, you can also not read his column in the first place. Personally, I would never have read either one of them if I didn’t want to write a weekly article calling the MSM on their inaccuracies. Make no mistake, 140 Words is going to be something that makes a lot of people angry and confused. That’s Healy’s style. This is a man who said Reimer was exaggerating while he was lying on the ice from an injury that effected him for an entire year. Healy has also said that Detroit Red Wings forward Pavel Datsyuk lacked talent. I can’t wait to see what crazy stuff he has in store next.

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  • Zee Executioner

    I like Glenn Healy… A lot!

    • hope_smoke

      Time will tell. Coaches like Tortorella (and Carlyle for that matter) have a shelf life. Nice to see Healy has fans. Thanks for the comment.

      • Zee Executioner

        Most coaches, even great ones, have a shelf life. Even Scotty Bowman didn’t coach in the same place, forever.

        Al Arbour’s 13 and 5.5 year runs with the Isles were remarkable, but far from life-long.

        The difference is it is hard to leave an organization on amicable terms, when you are showing your ass to the media all of the time and making yourself bigger than the game.

        The Keenan’s, Tortorella’s, and Brian Burke’s of the world (and it’s a shame cause I think from the outside looking in Burke has become a better guy, lately) literally wear out their welcome or just become too unpredictable for the players to deal with after a while – they become humanoids. That seemed to be the case with the Rangers, as one by one Sather interviewed the players all saying they’d basically had had enough.

        Even in American football, guys like Bill Parcells, when he was coaching knew when to be humble and had more of a human face to the media. Hell, Parcells was the first coach to let his players dump gallons of Gatorade on him after every win. The players openly did it for revenge!

        Look at Rex Ryan lately. You don’t think people got in his ear and told him that he had to alter his act in front of the microphones? We’ll see if it’s enough to save his job, but so far, it’s not working out as bad as many thought it would.

    • hope_smoke

      In your opinion the Leafs needed to play a perfect game last season in order to win?

      • Zee Executioner

        I believe you have to give Heals a little bit of license for hyperbole, no? He’s paid to talk, right now.

        But it’s not a lie. The Leafs did have to play a lot better in all 3 areas of the ice to pull out a win last year.

  • Chawnsy

    Zee you’re delusional. The entire world with half a brain thinks Glenn Healy is a moron, a pessimistic jerk, and a flat out asshole.

    He shouldn’t have a job and the world would be a far better place if he didn’t have a position with any sports shows.

    • Zee Executioner

      The world with half a brain, huh? What’s wrong, dude, did he pee in your soup?

      The word moron gets tossed around pretty liberally these days. What makes him a moron? Perhaps I should ask, what does the word moron mean to you? Someone whom you disagree with?

      The world would be a better place?! Lol That’s meant comically, no?