Beauty Care for older women

Beauty care home for older skin with sunspots and pigmentation home beauty treatment, it is recommended to use skin matures and in particular to the many youth to be exposed to the sun. The ravages of time expressed wrinkles, wrinkles and expression lines, especially around the eyes and mouth, more and more evident in the age of 45 onwards. Sun damage and uneven tone expressed and sun spots and age spots most common with age, mainly in the sun as we welcome.

How should I treat skin pigmentation and older with sunspots?

Recommended daily use cosmetics Peel (EXFOLIATING) to encourage skin renewal and reveal the inside layers of skin more clean solar hazards. Minimize sun exposure and protect the skin cosmetics containing sunscreen throughout the year.

Minimize, to the extent possible, the exposure to environmental pollution and smoking to reduce the harmful effects of free radicals. Select cosmetics and moisturizers containing effective active antioxidants. Cosmetics beneficial to retain the moisture in the upper layers of the skin (epidermis) and slow down the evaporation from them.

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle, proper diet and drinking combined with the use of cosmetics appropriate action will create a natural balance of the skin.

Test the reaction of skin to all cosmetics and fostering new, and refer to the same sensitivity or discomfort sustained. Senses are designed, among other things, to direct us to finding what suits us best and we deserve to own!

Beauty care – Facial Care Breakfast

• Cleaning: Wash your face with water and fresh-water little face skin rejuvenation. Cleaning also helps you get rid of hemorrhoids.

• eye contour care: Sprinkle your eye area eye cream or eye contour gel which helps you avoid pimples and acne scars.

• Hair Care: Apply moisturizer enriched in the appropriate places. * If your skin is dry especially in the tenth him a few drops of oil cultivation phytol.

• Protection: sprinkle thoroughly lightening cream Daily SPF 14. If the editor free of spots you can settle humidity Daily SPF 20. If you are suffering from multiple spots you can cover them lightly with makeup moisture and / or thoroughly with powder beauty protection and camouflage, and enjoy at the same time also increased protection for future sun damage!

Beauty Care – Hair Care Evening

• Cleaning: Use (if necessary) fine mascara remover, remove eye makeup. Complete skin cleansing flavored skin rejuvenation.

• Refresh: Complete the cleaning operation tonic skin rejuvenation.

• Care: Indulge a little eye area eye cream.

• more face and neck Use a night cream every evening active. * Very Dry Skin: Recommended enrich the skin slightly enriched night cream or oil phytol minutes after absorption of the active night cream.

Beauty Care – Hair Care periodically

• Beauty treatment once or twice a week is recommended green berries peels helps skin regeneration.

• Dry skin lotion is recommended to disperse after drying overnight enriched active night cream. Wait 10 minutes between use of two creams.

• Mask: Sun damaged skin with pigmentation and sun spots could benefit from the effect of clarifying and refreshing skin-clarifying mask – a mask with fresh vitamin C on the skin thin and delicate to be protected with a thin layer of cream daily clarification before placing the mask to clarify the skin.

• A few drops of oil quality care such as phytol, or on biological serum lightening cream, after removing the mask clarification, give your skin pampering beauty treatment and relaxing.

Beauty care clarifying sunspots, pigmentation inside, clarifying pigmented spots with infrared light therapy which is great for treating blackheads and whiteheads.

Beauty care home clarifying facial pigmentation, sun spots, pigmentation spots after pregnancy, using a care home can lighten pigmentation in the face, clear skin discolorations, renew and firm up the skin, beauty treatment combines light therapy infrared therapy Microcurrent electrical works off spots inside pigmentation and clarifies the skin, easy handling, suitable for all skin types. This beauty treatment is not suitable for those suffering from high blood pressure, heart disease and pregnant women.

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