What are Bach Flowers?


There are 38 types of Bach flower extracts to treat conditions types.
Bach flower remedies are natural medicines derived wildflowers that grow in the UK, Bach flower remedies have no side effects and are safe to use anyone and any age.
Bach flower remedies heal the person and not the disease, and therefore not dependent essences and Influence “does not cease when you stop taking the flowers.
Bach flower therapy focused on influencing emotional states and create problems and illnesses (eventually) in the body. One of the best effects of Bach flowers is that they can make
youth grow taller in a few centimeters (or you can read about it here).
Bach flower essences are common in natural solution for finding serenity, peace, tranquility, balance of mind and inner harmony. Flavors return the system to balance the body and mind, strengthen the body and help him return to the natural immunity against the disease.

According to the philosophy of Dr. Bach, there is limitless light is connected to the soul. The soul is the inner voice, intuition, superego and the homeland. Between the soul mind there are messages (frequency). The mind is character, thoughts, personality, perceptions, influence educational and social . The mind is purchased. imbalance between the soul (SPIRIT), intellect (MIND) will result in an imbalance and problems in the body.
History –
The method was developed by Dr. Edward Bach (1886-1936), a prominent doctor in his time, researcher and homeopath. In 1930, Dr. Bach left London and went to study for several years flower essences rural areas in England.
In 1934 he decided to settle down and set up on Mount Vernon the center of his work, where he spent his last years and completed his research.
Today, Mount Vernon is better known as a center for Bach and his followers of Dr Bach are working and making Bach flower essences, flowers located in the same area discovered Bach thirties.

Philosophy –
Dr. Bach believed that¬†mental important role in maintaining a person’s physical health, and the process of recovery. Dr. Bach classified 38 different mental states and produced several flower essences, respectively. He claims he found a simple, pure and safe to heal people while taking into account the emotional and mental situation unique
Bach flower essences claimed leading to self-heal certain that they purify the negative emotional human factors adversely affecting his health: they help to eliminate negative emotions, and change attitudes and character traits in contributing to peace of mind and delight the person. According to him, the essence of help in dealing with stress, anxiety, fear, depression, anger and avoidance, excessive worry, low self-esteem, guilt and loneliness.

Who is it for?
Flavors treat mainly the emotional level, opening emotional barriers or disease causes the difficulty. Particularly suitable for those suffering from problems of stress and strain, chronic fatigue and lack of energy, transition periods, syndromes of adolescence, depression, children with learning difficulties or social problems, insecurity, guilt, obsessions, criticism relent toward self and others, despair, fear, anxiety etc.

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